Nexus sweeps the board with three awards at Greenpower

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Yesterday a team of 10 Nexus students from Years 7 to 9 travelled to Predannack airfield near Mullion to compete in the Greenpower Regional Heats. Taking their electric car “Nexus One” out onto the track for the very first time against schools from all over the South West region, our team exceeded the high expectations we all had of them. The Nexus team were taking part in the F24 Kit Car category for 11-16 year olds, all driving cars made from a ‘rolling-chassis’ kit. They would be driving at the same time as the F24 Scratch cars (built from scratch including the chassis) but not competing directly against them. The day started early, leaving Nexus at 7am to arrive at Predannack in time to unload and prepare the car for a rigorous scrutineering which checked every aspect of the vehicle and drivers for safety. A team briefing followed where the racing and track rules were laid out for...

Professor Richer’s Star Formation Lecture

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We were delighted to host John Richer at Nexus for a lecture last week who is a Professor of Astrophysics from the University of Cambridge. Professor Richer enthralled the students with stories about his research into star formation. He talked the students through one of the biggest problems to face astrophysicists which is that if you want to get more and more accurate images of distant stars and galaxies you need larger and larger telescopes. In fact to get the most detailed images you would need a telescope 12 kilometers wide! He also explained how physicists have managed to solve this problem by using lots of smaller telescopes working together. The audience asked lots of questions of Professor Richer and he has no doubt inspired many of the students to find out more about this amazing field.

Conservation Science and Tropical Islands

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We were delighted to welcome Dr Chris Kaiser-Bunbury to Nexus this week to give a lecture on his research into biodiversity and conservation science on tropical islands. Dr Kaiser-Bunbury spends a lot of time on the Seychelles, specially working on the Aldabra Atoll, the second largest coral atoll in the world. He inspired our students with images and stories of the wonderful ecology of this fragile ecosystem and shared some of his extensive research into how to keep these places safeguarded for the future. We would like to sincerely thank Dr Kaiser-Bunbury for his excellent lecture, and for answering so many questions from the audience.

A life in a multinational – careers and opportunities working as an actuary

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What is an actuary? What do they do? Who are KPMG? What is it like working for a large multinational company? These are just some of the questions answered in the recent lecture by Eoin Seager, Senior Actuarial Manager at KPMG. The talk started with background into the world of actuarial sciences and included an engaging demonstration  of pensions calculations and lifelong planning with one of our own students; we learned how saving a little now can have a massive impact on our future financial health. Eoin also spoke of his journey into actuarial sciences and his training with KPMG and shared the experiences he has had throughout his career and the benefits of working for such companies. We are very hopeful that some of our own students may consider following in Eoin’s footsteps and joining the world of actuarial and finance and as part of the school’s enterprise links we are looking...

Nexus Greenpower Racers Learn The Secrets Of Aston Martin

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On Wednesday 12th June 10 students from Nexus travelled up to the Aston Martin Factory. The students who were selected are part of the Nexus Greenpower Racing Team who are due to race their car in the Greenpower Championships on the 4th July. When we arrived the students were greeted in reception by Nick who showed them three fantastic brand new Aston Martins. The students were able to sit in them which they all thoroughly enjoyed. We then went through the history and development of the Aston Martin showing a car which was made in 1920 through to Daniel Craig’s James Bond car in Spectre. The students then moved onto the factory floor where they gained an insight into the manufacturing and designing of these fantastic cars. We watched a variety of different stations which included leather printing, sewing the leather together for the interior, a tour of the different engines, looking at...