Shake, Rattle and Slide with Professor Alan Champneys

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Nexus and CSMS were delighted to host a fascinating lecture on the importance of Mathematics in the field of Engineering this week. Professor Champneys visited from Bristol university’s faculty of Engineering Mathematics where he lectures on everything from engineering applications on aircraft and structural dynamics, power electronics and fluid-structure interaction. The talk was based around the understanding of how complicated dynamics (e.g. chaos) in physical systems governed by ordinary or partial differential equations can be used to model some very interesting real-life engineering problems such as why does a tennis ball bounce so high when dropped touching a basketball? Professor Champneys also spoke about the importance of mathematical modelling in industry and how he works with some of the world’s leading engineering and design companies on complex but crucial problems....

Nexus takes delivery of CAD PCs

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We were delighted today to take delivery of two specialist computers which are designed to carry out complex 3D computer aided design tasks. These new machines will allow students to use much more powerful design software to model their ideas before using the Nexus 3D printer to bring their designs to life. The PCs have been funded by Cornwall Manufacturers Group as part of the STEM discovery initiative.

Bookworms get cracking on the KYBA shortlist

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The Bookworms co-curricular club have found themselves deeply immersed in the world of literature as they begin working their way through the KYBA shortlist of books. KYBA (Kernow Youth Book Awards) celebrates the best of children’s literature. Six books, covering a range of genres and themes, are selected and students read and discuss the titles. At the moment we are reading The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford and the students have been impressed by the narrative shifts and the commentary on the nature of mortality. Once we have devoured all six books, the students will then vote on their favourite. We are very much looking forward to the Awards Ceremony at the Eden Project in May; shortlisted authors attend and inspire the audience with wit, anecdotes and an insight into the writer’s craft. Until then, shhhh, we’re...

Fascinating Lecture by Professor Ian Roberts

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This week, were privileged to welcome Professor Ian Roberts (Professor of Linguistics) from the University of Cambridge.  His lecture on ‘How to Build a Language’ enthralled students from Year 7 to VIth Form.  The lecture explored the vast range and diversity of languages in the world, looking at the most widely spoken languages, to those spoken by only a few hundred people in the Amazon.  Professor Roberts’s unique insight and personal connection to many of the languages studied gave students added to student’s interest. A speaker of at least 5 languages himself, Professor Roberts explained the differences in sentence structure in languages around the world – for example, in the Nias language ‘My mother cooked the rice’ would translate in English as ‘cooked rice mother’.  Students were intrigued by how many different ways the same...

Oxbridge Juniors Meet For A Cambridge Tea

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This afternoon our Oxbridge Juniors met Jess Lister, a member of the Admissions team at Downing College in the University of Cambridge for tea and cakes. Jess answered their questions about Oxbridge and university more widely. The students had excellent questions, from what makes Oxbridge different from other ‘Russell Group’ universities to the costs and finances of student life. There were a number of other intriguing questions such as whether Harry Potter was filmed at Cambridge to where the name Cambridge comes from. We would like to thank Jess for the insight she gave our Oxbridge Juniors into studying at a prestigious institution such as Cambridge. As our students progress through the Nexus and CSMS programmes we will be supporting them to gain the skills and experiences necessary to be in the strongest possible position in their aspirations to apply to the best...