Magnificent Performance in Mock Trial Competition

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On Friday 9th March students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Citizenship Foundation’s Mock Trial competition at Truro Magistrates’ Court.  This competition gives students the opportunity to demonstrate and practise their skills in communication, evaluating evidence and making a persuasive argument.  It also gives them a unique insight into the ‘courtroom experience’ and the opportunity to learn more about our legal system. This time, the team narrowly missed out on the winning trophy but they all agreed it was an invaluable experience.  Both the lead Magistrate and Deputy Lord Lieutenant described the students as a credit to the school and commented on how well the students expressed themselves, and performed, despite being much younger than their competitors. A special mention should be made of Millie and Aaron who stepped in very last minute to new roles due a team member’s...

Seashells and the Climate – Stella Alexandroff Surprises our Students

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Our academic lecture today was delivered by Stella Alexandroff, a research fellow at the University of Exeter. Stella, who is working towards her PhD in Ocean Sciences visited to share her research into the changing marine conditions and the impact this has on the shells of marine organisms. Much like the rings in tree trunks, seashells contain layers of calcium carbonate laid down each year – by examining the precise composition of each layer it is possible to get very precise measurements for marine temperature, carbon dioxide concentrations, pH levels and much else besides. Climatologists are able to use this information to improve their models for future climate change and to provide the most reliable predictions for future climate conditions. Our students were amazed at how much information can be gleaned from a simple shell and a number who were already considering a career...

Asthma and Airways – Future Doctors Train Nexus Students

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On Wednesday this week trainee doctors from the Peninsula Medical School visited Nexus to deliver a workshop for our Future Medics. Students in Years 9 and 10 were taught about how our airways work and how asthma can be a significant factor in respiratory distress. The students were taught using a common teaching technique in medical school known as ‘Problem Based Learning’. In these sessions the medical students are given a patient presenting with a set of symptoms and by asking questions and carrying out research the trainee doctors have to find the answers themselves to the challenges posed. The students gained a valuable insight into how medical school works and for our hopeful medics this was an amazing experience. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the trainee doctors who gave up their time to deliver this brilliant...

Greenpower Engineers get a Helicopter Sized Boost

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Students who are part of the Greenpower challenge, who are building an electric racing car from scratch, yesterday received a visit from the Royal Navy who brought with them parts of a Merlin Helicopter. The students were able to get up close and hands on with a tail rotor, an exhaust pipe and an air intake vent from the military aircraft. By learning the steps taken by the Naval engineers to keep the weight of the vital components down while ensuring the parts are strong enough for their purpose, our students will now be able to revisit their designs for the Greenpower car. Our students are hoping to have their car running by the end of term ready for the regional heats this year.

World Book Week at Nexus

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World Book Week is in full swing at Nexus this week. Students are filling up a reading tree with reviews and suggestions of amazing books they have read. There is a book swap taking place this week as well. Students are each bringing in a book that they think someone else should read. Later this week the books will be wrapped up and swapped. The students have also listened to a dramatic performance of “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe delivered by Mr Batson. World Book Week is continuing for the rest of this...