Students shine at showcase evening

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There was such a buzz at Nexus on Wednesday night as the Year 7 students prepared to deliver their carefully-crafted Showcase presentations to a large audience of family and friends. We were treated to a real range of fascinating topics for the Showcase Presentations, with students drawing inspiration from the lectures they have attended this term, their lessons and enrichment and their co curricular time. The audience were invited to learn some Mandarin, understand how a bee does the ‘waggle dance’, try to halve Pi, beat the students at their own ‘Button Hero’ game, as well as much more. One group told us about their investigation into insecticide contamination of fruit and vegetables, which next term will take them up to Bristol to work with Professor Robin Bedford to use the Gas Chromatograph at Bristol University to analyse their samples. The grand finale to...

Awe-inspiring Nexus Christmas lecture ends with a bang!

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It was all flashes and bangs at Nexus this evening as Mr Chapman led the first Nexus Christmas Lecture, which was AMAZING! The lecture was attended by over 80 students from both Nexus and the main campus, and featured a wide variety of explosive demonstrations which caused whoops of excitement from the enraptured audience. Students were transfixed by reactions from the colours of the oscillating clock to the thermite reaction and the decomposition of glucose with concentrated sulphuric acid. To add to the festivities, Mr Rees wowed the students with an impressive display of ‘Mathemagics’, which perplexed, puzzled and delighted in equal measure. We hope to make the Nexus Christmas Lecture an annual...

Nexus features in new IRIS video

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CSIA and Nexus are very proud to be a Partner School of the Institute of Research in Schools, an organisation that supports and encourages authentic scientific research in schools. IRIS have recently released two new videos about why and how to write a scientific paper while you are still in school. Because we have had a number of students at Nexus write scientific papers, IRIS asked us to be involved. The finished videos are here: we hope you like...

Nexus Open Evening the busiest yet!

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It was a pleasure to meet so many parents, carers and children at the Nexus Open Evening last night. We had the biggest turnout ever and were delighted to be able to share information about Nexus and the Gifted STEM programme with parents of children in years 5 and 6, as well as parents of children already in secondary school considering whether a move to Nexus is the right choice for their son or daughter. Details were given about the Nexus Assessment dates for next year – we can only assess a child for the Nexus programme once they have a confirmed place at CSIA. The Assessment Day next year is on Saturday 24th March 2018. If you would like further details about the assessment process, or to order some sample assessment materials, please click here.  

Chair of Education Committee at the Royal Society visits Nexus and CSIA

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We have been delighted over the past two days to be hosting Professor Tom McLeish, A Professor of Physics from the University of Durham. Professor McLeish also chairs the Education Committee at the Royal Society. He has come to see the outstanding practice in research and STEM provision at the school. On Thursday afternoon he gave a fascinating lecture on the Medieval Science of Light to Nexus 7, 8 and 9. Max B from Nexus 7 commented “It was amazing to hear how well developed Science was in the Medieval period. I didn’t know they were so interested in Science back then!” Ben McG from Nexus 7 said “I was really intrigued by the lecture. I was stunned that the Professor’s team discovered that 800 years ago, someone understood about how three different colours of light could come together to form all the colours we can see.” Professor McLeish commented that he had given a similar lecture...