Greenpower is a go!

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Today we have had some very exciting news – we have been awarded £1,875 of funding which will enable us to buy an ‘F24 category rolling chassis kit’ to compete in the ‘Greenpower electric car challenge’ next year. The challenge will see a team of CSIA students design and build the car using some of the latest industry-leading CAD software. The team will represent CSIA at local heats next summer, racing against several local schools in a series of 90 minute races to see who can cover the greatest distance. Watch out for the Greenpower Challenge on next years’ Co-Curricular programme! For more information see the Greenpower website:

Astronomy students spend the night under the stars

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The twelve students who are studying GCSE Astronomy have been carrying out their coursework using the telescopes from Tolcarne Observatory. They have planned to carry out observations on many different aspects of the night sky, including the craters and other lunar features, Messier objects, constellations and the Lyrid Meteor shower. The night started with some cloud cover, but we are confident that this will clear over the next couple of hours.  Armed with flasks of hot chocolate and warm jumpers the Astronomy team are all set for a good night of...

Easter STEM Club gets off to a great start!

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This morning 33 Year 5 children from all over Cornwall joined us for our Easter STEM Club at Nexus. The children tacked some really challenging Maths problems including angles, Morse code, co-ordinates, map reading and shapes to solve a Murder Mystery. They then designed and built balloon boats as part of a Marine Engineering activity; they were marked on aesthetics, speed and load bearing capacity. Last of all they created an almighty mess in the dining room as part of an Engineering Challenge. Using only marshmallows and spaghetti, the teams were challenged to produce an engineering masterpiece that spanned a distance of 30cm. The spaghetti was only 28cm long, so the teams had to come up with some ingenious solutions! Only three teams managed to support the crème egg load in the middle of their bridge – but if the laughter level was anything to go by, they all enjoyed trying...

Dr Ross from Bristol University Wows With A Big Bang

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Nexus and CSMS were delighted to host Dr Joel Ross from the University of Bristol Engineering Department on Wednesday. Dr Ross shared with Nexus students what studying engineering is like and how engineers are working to solve some of the important problems facing the world today. Dr Ross’ lecture was engaging and he amazed the students with his demonstrations. We would like to thank Dr Ross for his time and for travelling all the way to see us....

Ollie’s Stratospheric Rise Continues

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Ollie T’s determination to secure his future career in aerospace engineering is paying dividends. Ollie has known that he wants to work in this exciting and competitive industry since he began in Nexus and has spent this year writing letters to all the major players in the aerospace sector. Since he began Ollie has won a coveted place at the European Astronaut Training Centre for his Year 10 work experience next year. The latest amazing news for Ollie is that he has been invited to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida in July for a VIP viewing experience to watch the launch of the NASA Parker Solar Probe on a ULA Delta VI Heavy rocket before being given a private tour of the NASA Launch Pads and facilities. Ollie will also be able to watch the first crewed launch from US soil since 2011 as the SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon blasts off on the way to the International Space Station....