Delight for A-Level students as they sweep the board with A*s

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There were squeals of delight this morning as the students from Nexus VI  collected their A-Level results. Every student had phenomenal success, and of particular note were Mia and Conor, who achieved 4 and 5 A*’s respectively, and Betty, who alongside her fantastic exam results achieved her dream of a place at King’s College London to study Medicine. As well as working hard on their A-Levels over the past year, these exceptional students have benefited from a huge range of additional opportunities such as International trips, research projects, lectures and academic mentoring to support their studies. We congratulate each of them and wish them all the very best in their future studies at University. If you are interested in being part of this incredible VI Form programme at Cornwall School of Maths and Science, there are still limited places available from September for...

Nexus students tackle Cyber Crime and get inspired by Cyber Futures!

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Nexus and CSIA students were propelled into the world of cybercrime fighting yesterday as part of South West Police’s “Cyber Future” programme. Students worked on challenging interactive scenarios where their cyber knowledge was put to the test along with their morale and ethical decision making. In addition to learning about a career in cyber security and the Computer Misuse Act students were guided through the ever growing list of careers that stem from an education in computer programming and IT management. Jobs such as game and software design, hardware engineer, web developer, security analyst or even a government vulnerability tester! With so many new career paths opening everyday who knows what the future holds? Perhaps Nexus contains a future Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer or Elon Musk! We will be working closely with Cyber Futures to make sure that students from Nexus and CSIA are...

Nexus 7 explore a STEM career in plastics research

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Following on from their current research project about plastics in the ocean, Nexus 7 today had a visit from three postgraduate students at the University of Exeter who have done research all over the world about the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment. The postgraduate students told the Nexus students about how they collected their data, and also led the students through several practical activities to remove and identify plastics from marine environments. The students first sifted the sand to find larger pieces of plastic, then the sample was put into water, so that the smaller pieces of plastics and microplastics would float the top. Finally, students used microscopes to identify and sort the plastics into categories; fragments; foam; line and film. The session with the postgraduate students was hugely useful for the students; real scientists doing important work to...

Rotary Club Technology Tournament blasts off

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It was an exciting day today for Nexus students as they attended the Rotary Club annual Technology Tournament. The tournament was attended by over 150 students from Cornwall aged 11-18. The students were asked to design and create a launcher for a space capsule that had to fly at least 3 metres into the air. Our teams were enormously successful, with the Nexus VI Form team winning both available prizes in their age group! Well done to all the teams who took part....

Greenpower is a go!

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Today we have had some very exciting news – we have been awarded £1,875 of funding which will enable us to buy an ‘F24 category rolling chassis kit’ to compete in the ‘Greenpower electric car challenge’ next year. The challenge will see a team of CSIA students design and build the car using some of the latest industry-leading CAD software. The team will represent CSIA at local heats next summer, racing against several local schools in a series of 90 minute races to see who can cover the greatest distance. Watch out for the Greenpower Challenge on next years’ Co-Curricular programme! For more information see the Greenpower website: