Applying for Nexus VI

Biol lab workTo join the Nexus VI programme you first must apply to The VI Form Academy. More details about this process can be found on the main CSIA website, here. At your VI Form interview you will be asked if you are interested in the Nexus programme. All students who indicate that they may be interested will be sent a Nexus application form.

Students in the Nexus VI Programme will study Maths and one or more Sciences on the Nexus Campus, and will study their other subjects on the Main VI Form Academy Campus.

While the Nexus VI programme is extensive, unique and exceptional is it also academically demanding. We base a large part of our decision about whether to offer a place on whether we feel that the applicant will be able to maintain an exceptional standard in their A Levels while meeting the additional demands of the Nexus VI programme. An offer of a place on the Nexus VI Programme will be conditional on at least 5 8/9 or A and A* grades in five GCSE subjects, including those to be studied at A-Level.

If you wish to join the Oxbridge Stream as part of Nexus VI there will be an additional process which will include an interview.

We are now accepting applications for the VI Form Academy and Nexus VI for September 2018 entry.

Please contact for further details.