Amazing Year 5 STEM Easter Camp Concludes

By on Apr 5, 2018 in Blog |

The lucky attendees at our Year 5 STEM Easter Camp had another jam packed day of activities on the third and final day. The children had a blast investigating meteorite craters before going tardigrade hunting.

All the children have had an amazing time filled with outstanding experiences and we hope that we have inspired them to continue following their passion and interest in STEM.

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Student feedback:

“The Easter Camp was the best because we were doing fun learning!”

“It was an enjoyable experience.”

“It was fun and I would do it all again!”

“I really liked it and I learnt a lot from it.”

“I really liked the homemade indicators.”

“I really liked the Easter Camp, I think it will encourage more kids to get involved like me.”

“I loved playing sardines.”

“I thought it was great.”

“I thought there were loads of epic opportunities to try new things and make new friends.”

“So fun! I hope you do it again next Easter and Happy Easter!”

“At the camp everyone including the teachers was amazing and fun.”

“It was great, I really enjoyed it!”

“I really enjoyed coming to the camp.”

“I loved it! It was great fun! I loved Chemistry and I learnt lots of new things.”

“It was really fun.”

“I really loved the camp because I have done experiments that I don’t get to do at school.”

“It was amazing.”

“I think Nexus is a place where people interested in Science and Maths can learn for fun!”

“I loved the whole thing.”

“I loved the hands-on Science and Maths. I would DEFINITELY do it again!”

“I loved Nexus because it’s learning in such a fun way.”

“I loved the pH columns because they combined my love of Chemistry and rainbows!”

“I thought it was great; it challenged us and I want to apply for Nexus next year.”

Parent feedback:

100% of parents rated the quality of provision as outstanding or good, and 86% were outstanding!

100% of parents would recommend the camp to other parents.