Admission to the KS3 and 4 Gifted STEM Programme


The admissions process for the Gifted STEM Club for 2017-18 is now completed. Congratulations to those students who were successful. Students who did not apply during this most recent round of admissions will have another opportunity during the 2017 Autumn term. The admissions process will reopen in 2018 for all students.

The Gifted STEM Programme is only available to students of CSIA. Once a member of CSIA, access to the Gifted STEM Programme is through aptitude testing and interview. The majority of students who wish to apply will participate in the aptitude testing that is held every year once the student’s place at CSIA has been confirmed.

The key dates for Admission to the Gifted STEM Programme for 2016-2017 are:

31st October 2016Deadline for Secondary School applications to Cornwall Council.
1st March 2017School places confirmed by Cornwall Council to parents and carers. Letter out to parents to book for Nexus Assessment Day. Booking is essential – we cannot accept candidates who are not booked for the assessment.
25th March 2017 (Saturday)Nexus Assessment day 9am – 1pm
31st March 2017Invitations to interviews posted
20th and 21st April 2017(Thursday and Friday)Interview days
25th April 2017Letters posted out to parents with results of interviews.
12th July 2017(Wednesday)New Intake Evening at Nexus for students starting the Gifted STEM Programme in September 2017

Some students joining CSIA in-year may sit the testing in the term in which they join. If not successful in initial application, students can re-apply for a place in the Gifted Programme each year. An individual student can only sit the test once per year.

The process is rigorous and is designed to determine aptitude for STEM subjects, as well as current performance. Students will initially sit an online test and an examination paper in Mathematics and Science. Students who have been successful in these tests will then be called for interview. This interview will determine whether they are suitable for the Programme or not.

Successful candidates will be able to join the Gifted STEM Programme at the start of the following term.

Sample Assessment materials are available upon request from CSIA.