3D printer gets to grips with student designs

By on Oct 11, 2018 in Blog |

As you are aware, our after school programme at Nexus allows students to learn skills and produce and test out their own ideas. Nexus 8 student Evie has designed this Elephant using Tinkercad in the 3D printing co-curricular sessions.


To have designed this after only a very few sessions is excellent work. Tinkercad might look quite basic, but by combining shapes it is fairly easy to produce something really good – well done Evie!


The elephant was printed at 0.2mm layer height for speed. Evie used supports to help protect the ears and tail during printing. The elephant, even though it is only small, took 3 hours and 17 mins to print. We are looking forward to seeing more student designs being manufactured in the next few weeks!