Nexus Open Evening on Wednesday 28th September at 6pm

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If you have a child who is very able at Science or Mathematics and you are looking for a Secondary School that will meet their needs, here’s a date for your diary. Come and meet current students at Nexus and hear about the unique programme for the most able students that has been described as ‘Breathtaking’ by NACE, the National Charity for the Most Able Children in Education. For more information contact  

Adventures in anatomy

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Students from St. John’s School visited Nexus today for a workshop about skeletons. They looked at a variety of skeletons, using the evidence they could find to identify which animal each skeleton came from. But what was the mystery skeleton that Mrs. Deacy revealed at the end of the workshop? You’ll have to ask the children at St. John’s to find out!  ...

Betty intubates her first patient

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This afternoon our aspiring medics from our Medical Working group were treated to a visit from representatives of the Peninsula medical group. They learned about emergency treatment, including how to intubate and ‘bag’ a patient, introducing an artificial airway for a patient who is not able to breathe on their own. Fortunately the patient was latex rather than flesh and blood – the first tube was not located correctly and the stomach inflated instead of the lungs!

Setting up a telescope

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Students from CSIA worked with Dr. Mackintosh to set up a telescope this week. They learnt how to align the base to the North, to level it using a spirit level, and how to program a computer to allow the telescope to track stars moving across the sky. Amazing.

CSIA Open Evening tonight!

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Don’t forget that CSIA has Open Evening this evening; a chance to see all this extraordinary school has to offer. Every student at Nexus is a student of CSIA, so if you are interested in your child attending the Gifted STEM Programme at Nexus, come and see the main school this evening, from 5.45pm onwards. There is an Open Evening at Nexus on 28th September, where you can get more information about the Gifted STEM Programme and how to apply for 2017 entry.

Dr. Jen Jackson wows us with whales

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British Antarctic Survey scientist Dr. Jen Jackson, who sits on the Whaling Commission, delivered a fascinating lecture to a rapt audience of CSIA students and invited guests. She spoke of her work to protect some of our most endangered species of whales. She explained how genetic markers allow scientists to estimate population size and recovery rate after populations are damaged by whaling. After the talk concluded, Dr. Jackson was surrounded by students buzzing with questions about her work. Students wanted to know more about topics from using supercomputing grids to analyse genetic markers in a population to why whales don’t cross the equator (apparently they don’t like the warm water). Dr. Jackson and her colleague Michael Dunn from the BAS were overwhelmingly impressed by Nexus and the Gifted STEM Programme, and described it as “an incredible place”. We...

Mathematical thinking

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This morning Nexus 7 and 8 were working together on an investigation about powers in mathematics. Students predicted, tested, theorised and modelled patterns, then improved their theories about how powers might work using the evidence they had gathered. The interest, activity and engagement with this activity was great to watch. Students will be recording their progress and development so that they can see how their ideas progress over the next few...

Logical learning

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Chess and other strategy games help the brain to think in a logical way and research shows that there is a strong correlation between learning to play chess and other strategy games and academic achievement. We took delivery today of lots of strategy board games; for example chess, Mastermind and Othello for the students to play during wet lunchtimes if they wish to. The box had barely been opened when one student challenged another to a game of chess and they were off! I can see the games getting a lot of use over the winter months…