Mathematical mind-reading

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Be careful if you are trying to keep a secret from your Primary child today! The Primary Maths Masterclass have learned how to read minds – using algebra! This group of able students from Connor Downs Academy, Trevithick Learning Academy, Roskear School, Penponds and Kehelland worked with Jen Ward, a maths teacher from CSIA to understand how mathematics can help to narrow down options until you reach a solution. Students from Connor Downs Academy discover that Ms. Ward has read their mind!  ...

Nexus visit the Games as Arts Exhibition at The Poly in Falmouth

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Today students in Nexus 7, 8 and the VI Form joined together to visit an exhibition about video games and how artists around the world are experimenting with this new and exciting medium. The students met with Professor Simon Colton for a ‘game jam’ workshop as well to give a taste of the future collaboration project between Nexus and the University of...

An extraordinary VI Form Programme

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St. John’s Primary planetarium visit

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This morning, pupils from Year 5 at St. John’s Primary school visited to explore the Solar System from inside the CSIA planetarium. The pupils were excited to experience the planetarium for the first time, and to experience Nexus. Can’t wait to see them again soon!    

Anxious wait for news of Schiaparelli

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Today was the day that the Schiaparelli lander was scheduled to complete a journey of 500 million kilometres. Nexus students gathered with excitement in the Atrium of the Nexus Campus to experience the lander touchdown on the surface of the Red Planet. Nexus students counted down to the touchdown and then waited anxiously for news of the successful landing. All did not go quite to plan with the landing, it seems, and we still await confirmation that the landing was successful.  We hope to hear soon that a signal from Schiaparelli lander has been detected. Schiaparelli...

Nexus 7 make a ‘solar sausage’

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Nexus 7 have been investigating the particle model in their Chemistry lessons. Today they tested some of their ideas about the energy that particles have in different states by making and flying a ‘solar sausage’. The particles in the air inside the bag become warmer as the black colour of the ‘sausage’ absorbs more heat than the surrounding air. The particles inside  move around inside the tube with more energy, and thus spread out and become less dense. The solar sausage then begins to...

Canadian Collaboration

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Students from Years 9 and 10 at CSIA met on Monday after school at Nexus to begin work on their Invasive Species Collaborative project. The students will, for the next few weeks, be ‘virtually’ working with counterparts from Shaftesbury High School in Winnipeg to learn more about the invasive plant and animal species threatening the UK and Canada. The students are pictured in the photo they have sent to their Canadian colleagues so that they can ‘see’ who they are working with. Students will work on their own projects, and then have them ‘peer reviewed’ by their partners in Canada, while themselves providing feedback on the Canadian student projects. This project is a wonderful opportunity for students to investigate ecology issues from across the globe.

The Association of Science Education meet at Nexus

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Yesterday evening, Nexus hosted the Association of Science Education’s regional ‘TeachMeet’. These meetings are an opportunity for Science teachers from all over Cornwall to meet and share best practice. The meeting was engaging and lively, with lots of ideas explored. A highlight was the demonstration of some equipment that allows students to generate electricity by turning a crank – and then uses that energy to power lights. But what happens if someone else connects their generator to the other end of the lamp array and winds? The teachers had fun finding out…