Nexus VI Prepared For Oxbridge Interviews

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Nexus VI have been busy getting ready for their Oxbridge interviews this week, with a bespoke preparation programme culminating in an evening of intensive mock interview practice. Jodie, Meghan, Cameron, Conor, Mia and Betty were put through their paces with a circuit of ‘speed dating’ interviews with their teachers. Dr Foster, Mr Chapman, Mr Rees, Mrs Belshaw, Ms Perry and Dr Gower asked the students to explore complex problems while explaining their thinking. Each student then received detailed individual feedback before being given the chance to put their learning into practice with a final formal interview. We wish them the best of luck with their interviews next...

The varied and exciting world of Mathematical sciences

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Dr Martin Lavelle, Associate Head of School for Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Plymouth University, visited Nexus to give a fascinating and informative talk on the varied careers and paths open to those with a passion for mathematics. He spoke on everything from the Quantum mathematics in a mobile phone to the impossible mathematics surrounding Godzilla and other giant monsters.  Students were taken aback by the rapid growth of financial loans and a very interesting problem involving paper...

A Buzzing Atmosphere at the Nexus VI Open Morning

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It was great to see so many enthusiastic Year 11 students join us for the Nexus VI Open Morning today at the Nexus campus. The Nexus VI programme is expanding to build on the amazing successes of this year, and students from all over Cornwall came to see what we offer. The students and their parents heard from Dr Foster about the exciting programme that has been described as ‘breathtaking’ by NACE, the national charity for able children in education. The Nexus VI programme is designed for able students who intend to study STEM subjects at A Level. As well as studying Maths and Sciences at the Nexus campus amongst other students targeted As and A*s at A Level, students will experience an unrivalled package of opportunities and support. The aim of Nexus VI is to provide a springboard to the most competitive courses at the best universities; within the programme there is a...

Nexus VI Form students compete at regional mathematics finals

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Congratulations to the four CSIA students who took part in this year’s regional heat of the Senior Maths Team challenge hosted by the Further Maths Support Programme. The group of Mia, Conor, Jools and Ross competed valiantly and finished an impressive 6th out of 18 against a field of very tough opposition. The competition was made of a series of thought provoking and demanding challenges designed to test even the strongest of mathematicians including a fast paced and complex mathematical relay. A similar event will be held for students in Year 10 in the new year.  Well done to all of the students involved. This is the sort of question the students had to face: Highlight below for the answer:...

Nexus VI Taster Day – This Saturday

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Nexus will be opening from 10am to 1pm on Saturday for a Taster Day for current Year 11 students from any school in Cornwall who are serious about success in STEM subjects at A Level. If you want to study at an outstanding facility with the very best opportunities and unrivalled support then you should come along to find out more about the amazing Nexus VI programme. Students in the VI Form Academy at Camborne Science and International Academy achieve outstanding results in their Science and Maths A Levels thanks to high quality lessons delivered by subject specialists and exceptional academic and pastoral support. The Nexus VI programme supplements this with access to top academics, unparalleled research opportunities and a dedicated Oxbridge programme for those who want to study at the very best institutions, 80% of our current Year 13 students have applied to Oxford or Cambridge....

Nexus-NJC Academic Exchange Nears Completion

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We have been delighted this week to be hosting staff and students from the National Junior College, Singapore. The students from NJC have joined up with the members of Nexus VI who travelled out to Singapore to complete the collaborative research projects started in September. The Physics group have moved on to look at the properties of capacitors which can increase the charge stored by them. THey first investigated the effects of different metals for the capacitive plates and have also begun to investigate the impact of the type and thickness of the dielectric material between the plates. The Biology group have been examining the unique biodiversity found on the Loe Bar, specifically the abundance of the plant Elytrigia which is the main food source for the very rare Sandhill Rustic Moth. After two days of fieldwork the group have been analysing their results and drawing conclusions...

Y10 STEM Careers Day A Huge Success

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Nexus was proud to host a STEM focused careers event yesterday for students in Year 10. The day included a number of different activities aimed to give students a greater understanding of the vital role that STEM careers have in society. The event was run in association with the Institute for Research in Schools, and was part of the annual IRIS CERN Symposium which was also run in Sterling School in Scotland and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford. The day included presentations by students from CSIA and Callington Community College who have carried out real scientific research using equipment and data provided by IRIS. The Nexus event started with some amazing practical workshops. The students had the opportunity to experience being engineers when they built their own particle detectors. They also learnt how radiation workers can calculate half life, how to handle large data...

From Oil Paintings To Computer Games – Art In All Its Forms

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We were really excited to be hosting Blanca Perez Ferrer from the Games Academy in Falmouth University. Blanca told us about how video games are being used to create new forms of art, including how the medium is beginning to gain recognition on the global stage. It was really interesting to gain such a unique perspective on how art is changing to reflect the modern world.