Introducing Lola

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Lola is a French Bulldog puppy, and we hope that she will be a regular visitor to Nexus. Students who are very able sometimes need emotional support to manage difficult feelings. Studies have shown that children can benefit educationally and emotionally through contact with pets.  Dogs can help to reduce stress levels, and provide comfort when students find it difficult to talk about their feelings. At Universities like Harvard and Yale, dogs can be ‘borrowed’ by students, which has been shown to improve student wellbeing. There will be no expectation for students to interact with Lola if they prefer not to, and Lola’s contact with students will always be supervised....

Fantastic GCSE and A-Level Results at the best State School in Cornwall

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Our brilliant students will be collecting their GCSE results today – and it is another fantastic set of outcomes for our students, mirroring the A-Level results students received last week. Nearly a third of all grades at GCSE were A*-A Over half of all grades at GCSE were A*-B Overall, Year 11 achieved 70% A*-C including English and Maths At A-Level, CSIA had an 100% pass rate. 83% A*-B for Maths A-Level and 62% A*-B for Science. We have been the top performing state school in Cornwall for the past three years, and recently awarded ‘Best Secondary School in Cornwall 2016’ by the Real Schools Guide. If you’ve just received your GCSE Results at any school and you are considering Maths or Sciences at A-Level, remember Nexus has the most incredible opportunities for students in these areas, we believe unmatched by any other School or College. We are still accepting...

It’s a Vet’s life…

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Today our Lead Practitioner for Nexus VI, Dan Chapman, is at the Royal Veterinary College – just look at this cafe!! In September 2016 the Deputy Director of RVC Access, Professor Jon Parry, is coming to Nexus to discuss with our students the best way to apply for Veterinary Medicine at university. This sort of networking is really important to us, we are making strong links with the best institutions in the country to give our students the very best chances of...

Amazing Air Day

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We had a spectacular day at RNAS Culdrose today. Sixteen Nexus students and staff ran immensely popular Planetarium sessions and aeronautical workshops in the STEM Hangar. Hundreds of people attended the CSIA Nexus stand, including Captain Adrian Orchard and his special guests Rear Admiral Fleet Air Arm Keith Blount, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope and Lady Stanhope. Captain Orchard gave Camborne Science and International Academy a special mention in his luncheon address, highlighting the work the school is doing to raise the profile of STEM and create opportunities for students to engage in STEM in Cornwall. It was a wonderful event, and the Nexus students did a fabulous job leading the workshops and the Planetarium talks. You can see from the pictures how busy we were! We were proud and honoured to have been asked to contribute to the event, and look forward to a successful ongoing...

See you on Air Day

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A team of Nexus 8 students accompanied by CSIA staff will be running STEM Workshops in the STEM Hangar at RNAS Culdrose Air Day on 28th July. Students and staff will lead visitors through an exciting practical aeronautical workshop. Visitors to the Nexus stand will also have the chance to take an intergalactic adventure in our Planetarium. We can’t wait, and hope to see you there!

We welcome students into Nexus 7 and Nexus 8

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Nexus was buzzing last Thursday night as we welcomed our new Year 7 and 8 cohort into the Gifted STEM Programme. The parents and students heard details of the Programme and heard about the unparalleled co-curricular opportunities that are on offer to them next year. One parent commented “I’ve never seen her so excited. She would start tomorrow if she could.” Hilary Lowe, previously CEO of NACE (National Association of Gifted Children in Education) and now Education Advisor gave a presentation to parents, students and staff in which she described how CSIA is rising to the challenge of excellent provision for the most able by: Highly valuing each child as an individual Not setting limits for anyone Believing all can achieve Understanding learning and providing great teaching Open doors and open minds Engaging in partnerships to profit the school and community Visionary,...

Professor Imre Leader to visit Nexus

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We are absolutely delighted to announce that Professor Imre Leader from Cambridge University will be visiting Nexus in November. He will meet with our students, tour Nexus and deliver a lecture on Mathematics. Professor Imre is a professor of Pure Mathematics, specialising in the field of combinetrics. Professor Imre is also Britain’s Othello Champion; perhaps he will challenge some Nexus students to a game!

Look out for Nexus Primary, coming to a Primary School near you soon!

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Nexus is a Centre of Excellence for STEM Education. Nexus is also a resource for the whole community. Nexus Primary is our programme of events for primary school pupils which begins in September 2016 and runs right through the academic year. Primary teachers can book their whole class in for workshops, talks and other events on topics from Stargazing to Smart materials. There are over 84 opportunities for Primary pupils to visit Nexus over the next year, so there is something to interest everyone! Year 5 and 6 teachers, look out for the Nexus brochure that will arrive at your school in the next two...