Dr Marasingha Teaches Nexus How To Cut Cake Using Mathematics

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Senior Mathematics Lecturer from the University of Exeter, Dr Gihan Marasingha, visited Nexus today to talk about the Mathematics of Social Choice. He used the analogy of cutting and sharing a cake to teach the mathematics of making choices which provide optimal satisfaction. Dr Marasingha introduced the idea of ‘mathematical fairness’ and explored how this intriguing idea applies to real life scenarios such as the ongoing Brexit negotiations to penalty shootouts. The students were asked to play an adapted version of the ‘prisoner dilemma’ game, where they could choose to share with or steal money from their partner. Dr Marasingha also held a tutorial with Mia, a Nexus VI student who is completing an EPQ project on the use of the Fourier Transform in MRI. We are delighted that Dr Marasingha make the journey to Nexus and wish to thank him for his fascinating...

Nexus rise to chess challenge

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Almost all of Nexus are playing chess, it seems! The new Nexus Chess Ladder is being hotly contested, with games being played and watched at breaks, lunch and tea time every day. So today’s challenge for all you parents and chess lovers out there is this: This photo is of the game between Eva (black pieces) and Jack (white pieces). Who has the strategic advantage? (Result of match to follow!)

Engineering a jet engine

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As part of our extraordinary co-curricular programme, the Helicopter Engineers in Years 7 and 8 were lucky enough to be able to work with a real jet engine today, brought to Nexus by Engineers from RNAS Culdrose. They explained to students how the engine works, not to provide thrust as in an aeroplane, but to drive a fan that turns cogs to spin helicopter rotor blades and thus provide lift. In the next session, students will be on the base at Culdrose, working with the real cutaway helicopters. Up up and...

Nexus Enjoy Big Bang Competition in the Sun

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Nexus students have joined with their colleagues from the main CSIA Campus to visit Exeter University for the annual Big Bang South West Science Fair. Six teams of Nexus 7 and 8 students have submitted projects in the Science Competition which will be judged by STEM experts from across many disciplines. The teams have been working on their projects since January and have just 15 minutes to convince the judges that they have hit upon great ideas and realised them successfully. Students who aren’t competing have the chance to explore an exhibition where STEM employers are showing what working in STEM is like, as well as demonstrating exciting experiments and scientific principles. After the competition judging, the teams will join up with their colleagues and all the students will have a masterclass on the principles of space travel by the National Space...

Booking Open for RVC Masterclass

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  Booking has opened for the Nexus and RVC Masterclass. The masterclass is aimed at students in Years 10-12 who are hoping to become vets. The Royal Veterinary College, London, is the best vet school in the UK and the most accredited vet school in the world. We are delighted to be able to host their first every masterclass outside of London. The event will run from 11th-13th July and is FREE for students. Priority will be given to students from CSIA, although students from other schools are invited to apply for spaces. Activities include: Academic projects running throughout the 3 days Lab-based workshops run by RVC experts Art Anatomy workshop Expert advice and guidance for applying to vet school Interview tips and presentation skills Opportunity to meet current veterinary student ambassadors from the RVC To book onto this amazing opportunity you need to email...

James and Gaby test their Box-Bot

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This afternoon Nexus 7 students Gaby and James were carrying out the first tests on their Artificially Intelligent homemade computer. The computer uses Raspberry Pi technology and a programme which is also used for Google Assistant to enable the Box-Bot to respond to spoken commands. To the boys’ delight, they were able to connect their computer to the projector and test the speed of processing by playing a few minutes of Minecraft. Their further plans for the Box-Bot are to install Google Assistant and test whether they can programme it to respond to spoken commands. They also hope to discover whether it will communicate with them! In order to facilitate this, James and Gaby have already wired the Box-Bot with a speaker and...

Making Waves with Renewable Energy

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We were delighted today to host Dr Tessa Gordelier, a research fellow from the University of Exeter, who came to share her research and expertise in Marine Renewables. Dr Gordelier highlighted the importance of this fast growing industry to the South West. Cornwall in particular hosts several cutting-edge research facilities for testing marine renewable energy solutions. She discussed the role that the Wave Hub off the coast of Hayle and the FaB testing facility in Falmouth Bay are playing in putting the UK at the very forefront of this exciting field. The conditions in the sea around Cornwall are perfect for harvesting wave energy and scientists from across the world are flocking to this area to test out their fledgling ideas. Dr Gordelier shared her experience of industry and research and inspired the audience to find out more about engineering as a career. We are extremely grateful...

Helicopter Engineering Takes Off

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We were joined at Nexus today by three RNAS Culdrose Engineers, who are leading our helicopter engineering co-curricular activity this half term. The first session was about the science of flight. Nexus students were joined by students from the main CSIA campus to learn about the forces involved in flying. Students then designed their own aerofoils and tested them in a wind tunnel. There are two more sessions; in the next workshop the students will learn how engines work to rotate helicopter blades and the RNAS Officers will be bringing a jet engine to Nexus! Engagement with local employers like RNAS Culdrose is such an important part of what we do here at Nexus. Students gain an understanding of careers in Science and Engineering, and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in real world contexts. In the current Nexus cohort we have a number of students whose career goals are...