Happy birthday Lola!

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Those of you familiar with Nexus will know that Lola is Head of Cuddles and one of the most popular members of staff. We were delighted to celebrate her 1st Birthday at teatime today with all the Nexus students. (Don’t worry, we didn’t let her eat the cake, but she did enjoy a delicious pig’s ear).

Computing in the Old Grammar School

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The Old Grammar School (OGS) building will soon be in use as Nexus expands. Today saw the first lesson in our new Computing suite. Nexus 7 were using the state of the art computers to create graphics for their current project. James, one of Nexus 7 described his lesson in the newly-refurbished building; “The computers are really fast. Everything looks great and really fresh. It was really cool being in the OGS building”. Next term, the OGS building will house Nexus VI, our specialist VI Form Programme. There are still places available in the Nexus VI Programme: to apply and to find out more look here...

Nexus VI Begin Preparations for University Admissions Assessments

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Students in the Nexus VI programme are looking to apply to the most competitive courses in the UK. Many of these courses, for instance Medicine or Natural Science at Cambridge University require applicants to sit an application assessment. These assessments are challenging and are designed to really stretch the understanding of the students taking them. As part of the bespoke programme that Nexus VI offers, we are offering a tailored and extensive preparation course for each assessment that the students will face. The intensive preparation programmes include additional subject knowledge workshops with specialist CSIA teachers, familiarisation with the exam formats, mock exams with feedback on how to improve and coaching on exam technique. This individualised package of support is one of the many things that is unique to Nexus VI and our students will be going into these assessments in...

Sun comes out for solar observations

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Astronomy students carried out some observations of the Sun today using a special Solar telescope, which was brought in by our Astronomer Dr. Grant Mackintosh. An ordinary telescope cannot be used to observe the Sun because it can damage the retina, but with the special Solar telescope, students were able to observe the Sun, looking for prominences, sunspots and filaments. The Sun is also the inspiration for a series of posters that the Astronomy students are preparing for the Space Weather Symposium at the University of Exeter in...

An environment for deep learning…

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Those of you with children at Nexus may already know about the ‘writing windows’; windows in the Hive which the students can write on with special pens when trying to work out a calculation or solve a puzzle, or ask a question of the other students. This was taken a step further this week when a Nexus student used one of the classroom whiteboards to review a Biology topic prior to a test. The result covered the board and was so beautiful and intricate that we wanted to share...

Students study Tang Dynasty Poetry

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The students did some beautiful work in their Mandarin lesson today. They learned a classical Tang Dynasty poem in the original Mandarin – Spring Dawn. This is a translation of the poem. ‘Sleeping in Spring, I didn’t realise the dawn had come Everywhere the birds were twittering Night came, strong with wind and rain Who knows how many flowers fell?‘ The students practiced writing their Chinese characters and learned how to blow the ink so that it resembled cherry tree branches. Next week, students will complete their work on genuine rice paper, add the poem in the original Chinese Characters with ink and brushes and add the pink blossoms. Jess blows the ink to make a cherry tree branch The students are creating a piece of art that celebrates the Springtime. When it is dry they will add the poem using the Chinese characters they have...

Clever rooks show they can solve Nexus student’s puzzle

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One of our Nexus VI students, Meghan, has been having amazing success with her Extended Project Qualification investigation. She has asked the question ‘Are puzzle-solving techniques different between a human imprinted and non-human imprinted rook?’ She has designed and constructed a puzzle box, where rooks have to pull a specific pin from the structure to release the food. She spent much of the Easter Break recording the behaviour of the rooks and this awesome footage is the fantastic moment that the first rook solved her puzzle! Meghan hopes to study animal behaviour at Cambridge University – what a great start!

Dr Joshi Wows Nexus VI in Tutorial

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Betty, Meghan and Jodie were in their element this afternoon when they were lucky enough to have a tutorial with Dr Priyanka Joshi from the University of Cambridge. Dr Joshi, the Everett Butterfield Research Fellow at Downing College, is an expert in misfolding proteins. Her enthusiasm for her topic was infectious and their conversation quickly progressed from diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to the very nature of consciousness. Her takeaway message was the importance of collaboration between disciplines in order to fully understand the system under study. In fact, in her research group in the Department of Chemistry, there are biologists, chemists, computer scientists and physicists all working on the same problem. This incredible experience is available to these students as part of our unique Nexus VI programme for very able students. For more information...