Nexus VI Attend an Oxbridge Information Day

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After a busy day Nexus VI are straight back to work this morning attending an Oxford and Cambridge Information Day in Falmouth. The students will find out much more information about the Oxbridge admissions process, the admissions tests for different courses, how to write exceptional personal statements and also about the typical Oxbridge admissions interview. Two admissions tutors from Exeter College, Oxford and Downing College, Cambridge are also in attendance and will share their insider knowledge of the application process.

Professor Imre Leader lectures at Nexus on Ramsay Theory

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While the Nexus 7 and 8 students were coding with Professor Simon Colton, the Nexus VI students were very fortunate to be attending a lecture delivered by a world-famous Mathematician from the University of Cambridge. Professor Imre Leader is an expert in Ramsay Theory, a very specialist branch of Mathematics. Professor Leader is also on the committee that writes the PISA Mathematics and Science tests that are used globally and is a well known academic on the world stage. After his lecture, Professsor Leader will be having an academic tutorial with Mia, one of our Nexus VI students who is hoping to study Mathematics at Cambridge University. All the Nexus VI students will then be going out for dinner with Professor Leader, Dr. Foster and Mr....

Professor Simon Colton codes with the next generation

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We were delighted today to welcome back Professor Simon Colton and his team of lecturers from the Metamakers Institute at Falmouth University have visited Nexus for the final session of the Coding co-curricular activity. The students have been creating their own game using an App called ‘No Second Chance’. The App has been developed by Simon and his team and is part of a new breed of games where the game can be altered by the user to increase the skill needed to win. Professor Colton and his team judged the games that the students had programmed and awarded prizes to the ‘Most Promising Coders’. The winners of these awards were Peter Ashley, Emily Kershaw, Joshua Patterson and James Belshaw. Well done to all the young coders, and a huge thank you to Professor Colton and his team for the fantastic 6-week co-curricular programme that they have provided. We are...

Nexus joins the World in measuring the circumference of the Earth

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Today Nexus students will be taking part in the global Eratosthenes Experiment, where students from all over the globe join together to share data that allows them to calculate the circumference of the Earth. We are the only school in the South West taking part, and one of only fifteen schools in the UK. Solar noon at our location is at exactly 12:28 and 34 seconds – conveniently during lunchbreak – so we will be measuring the shadow of a stick that is exactly one metre long, then using Pythagoras and trigonometry to calculate the angle of the Sun to our location. Combined with a measurement from another school in Palencia, Spain, we will be able to calculate the circumference of the Earth. Stay tuned for live updates later!...

Scribblers embark on a new chapter

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Our new reading and writing group, the Scribblers, have embarked on a new book today. The group, which chooses a book to read and discuss, as well as producing their own original pieces of writing, meets each Tuesday at Nexus in the Hive. The book they have chosen this time is ‘A murder most Unladylike’ which, somewhat worryingly, is about the demise of a school science teacher and the subsequent investigation, led by a group of intelligent and cunning young detectives. An exciting read, and a story I can’t wait to hear more...

Race Day 2 – and victory in the heats!

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Another fantastic day of racing here today, with Crowan, St. Erth, Ladock, Veryan, Penponds and one car from Rosemellin joining us for the Primary races, as well as St. Ives School which were competing for a place in the Secondary Regional competition. The racing today was very exciting, with several misfires, some rain and lots of great cheering and enthusiasm from the students and staff alike. We have our winning teams who will be going through to the next round. In the Primary heats, the fastest car was  Team Ravenclaw from Rosemellin School who clocked 39.8 mph. The second Primary team was from St. Buryan School; Bolt with 39.66mph. In the Secondary heats, though there was an excellent showing from a number of CSIA, St. Ives and Nexus teams, all top 5 places were taken by Nexus teams. The teams going through to the Regionals are RLCS with a speed of 40.97 mph, and the Pyro...

Amazing day of Rocket Car Racing!

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Today saw pupils from Troon, St. Buryan, Gorran School, Connor Downs and Rosemellin racing their brilliant rocket cars down the track at Nexus. The whole day was amazing, with brilliant support from our Raceteers. We had some really fast times, with several cars achieving speeds over 30 mph. We have more heats tomorrow; the top two Primary teams from the Nexus hub will go through. The top two teams are currently ‘Bolt’ from St. Buryan with 39.66 mph and ‘Team Ravenclaw’ from Rosemellin School, which tops the table at 39.80 mph, which is pictured.  Well done to all those who raced!...

Rare Earth Elements and How To Make Millions

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Professor Frances Wall, an applied mineralogist and geochemist from the University of Exeter came to Nexus today to share her research about extracting Rare Earth Elements. Her lecture was a fascinating insight into a little known area of Science – but one which we depend on fully in our day-to-day lives. Did you know, for instance, that every single touchscreen has a thin layer of a compound called indium tin oxide without which it couldn’t function? Well it turns out that Indium is an incredibly rare and expensive metal and if you can find a rich indium ore to mine you will almost instantly become a multi-millionaire. Don’t get too excited though, Prof Wall explained that finding the right place to mine was incredibly expensive, based largely on trial-and-error and very likely to end in failure – according to her you probably have more chance of success by...