Nexus 7 settle in after an exciting first week

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Nexus 7 were really excited today when they received their Nexus certificates and had their group photos. We’ve been really proud of how they have managed their transition to secondary school. Tomorrow marks the end of their first week and they’ve had a great time making friends, meeting their teachers and learning more about the co-curricular programme this...

Nexus Liberal Arts Story Writing Competition

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Calling all Year 5 Wordsmiths! We are inviting pupils from Year 5 to put pen to paper and write a 500 word story entitled The Door. Details are attached in the flyer. The 3 lucky winners will have the opportunity to read out their story, which will be posted here on our Nexus Website. The overall winner will also be interviewed by award-winning author, Patrick Gale, and win a Writing Award for their school. To help you get started, Patrick Gale has very kindly offered his top writing tips. He has written several renowned novels and is passionate about getting young people writing creatively. Please watch his video below. Completed entries should be emailed to Dr Cate McGovern – by Monday 7th September. “Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.” ― Stephen King...

Nexus Liberal Arts – Exciting New Provision for our Gifted Students

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new programme, The Nexus Liberal Arts, which begins in September this year. We are passionate about enriching and challenging our gifted students and the NLA provision will complement the STEM strand at Nexus in fulfilling this ambition. The term ‘liberal arts’ has been used for centuries. With its roots in classical antiquity, it was considered to be fundamental in shaping the individual for their place within society. More recently, it is the name given to a prestigious degree which encompasses subjects within the arts and humanities.  The NLA strand at Nexus incorporates English, Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities. Our NLA subjects allow students to learn in a highly academic environment that provides an intellectual grounding and privileges critical thinking. Our ambition is that all our Nexus students will become highly...

The Nexus Campus is closed but online learning continues.

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For more information about how Nexus and Camborne Academy are supporting our students to continue their education, please visit

Important Information Regarding the Nexus Year 6 Assessment Day

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The Nexus leadership team has met today to act on the latest advice from the government regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. In these uncertain times, we are striving to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our community whilst following government advice. We have made the difficult decision to cancel the Nexus Year 6 Assessment Day on Saturday 21st March. We will continue to review the situation based on government advice and will let you know immediately when we are able to reschedule the Assessment Day. Thank you to all of you for your support.  We would like to wish you all the best over the coming weeks.

Important Information Regarding the Nexus Easter Camp

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Due to the present climate, the Nexus team have made the difficult decision to cancel the Easter Camp.  We are really disappointed that we will not be running this event but we trust that those affected understand the need for us to have reached this decision.  If your child was due to attend, you should already have received an email providing further details.  Thank you everyone for your understanding.

Important Information Regarding the Nexus Co-curricular Programme

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The Nexus leadership team has met today to act on the latest advice from the government regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. In these uncertain time, we are striving to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our community whilst following government advice. Alongside CSIA, Nexus is suspending all co-curricular activities with the exception of after-school sports clubs which take place on main campus and timetabled Maths and Science lessons. This change will be in effect as from Thursday 19th March.  At Nexus, we understand that this may present difficulties. As a consequence, we are still able to offer a limited homework club on Monday – Thursday inclusive if requested. If you would like your child to attend homework club until 4:45pm please could you notify Nexus Reception by Thursday of this week. Tea and toast will be offered to all students who remain until 4:45pm. If...

Semester 3 co – curricular

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The Semester 3 co – curricular activities start next week (week beginning 3rd February) at Nexus. Students are signing up for their choice of activities for a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the moment. There are a range of unique opportunities for the students at Nexus to enrol on. Semester 3 activities on offer at Nexus

Semester 2 co – curricular

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This is the last week of Semester 2 co – curricular activities at Nexus. Students have been participating in a nine week enrichment block based on their choices. Semester 2 Activities on offer at Nexus Youth Speaks Competition Students have been supporting with the STEM Leadership Primary Workshops; where they have been developing their leadership skills and confidence. Two students in Year 9 have been running the Speed Cubing sessions to a group of individuals where they have been sharing tactics to solve the cube. Within Robotics students have been programming and making their own robots. The students have all had a fantastic time during the co – curricular activities and have created some great work. At Nexus we are looking forward to the start of the activities on offer for Semester 3. Students completing homework Strategic Chess in Association with Cornwall Chess...

Youth Speaks Competition at Nexus

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Nexus were delighted to host Youth Speaks on the evening of Wednesday 22nd January. This was a superb opportunity to hear a number of well-crafted speeches on a diverse range of highly engaging topics from highly accomplished speakers in Years 7 through to 9 . Striking for the Environment: Josie acted as chairperson, and facilitated an excellent proposal from Lily, who argued that the importance of prioritising the health of our environment over education until our planet is back to health. Isla responded by highlighting the importance of education in being able to fix climate problems.  Bees: Ella excellently managed Keira and Lowri’s debate over the role of bees. Keira laid the case for protecting them, highlighting how important they are for human survival, whilst Lowri focused on the pain and suffering they put people through, especially those with severe...

Superstar Crest Award

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Enthusiastic primary school students have been attending the Nexus Gifted STEM club every Tuesday after school. Students have been learning through a wide variety of real-world STEM activities from making toothpaste, building bridges to rocket science. Well done to students from semester one who have already completed the activities required to achieve their nationally recognised Superstar Crest award! Students currently attending the semester two workshops are working impressively towards completing their awards; crafty rafts, recycling paper and surprising stains coming up...

Christmas Lunch and Lecture at Nexus

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On Thursday 12th December the students at Nexus had their Christmas lunch. Roast Turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas Pudding or Chocolate Cake was on the menu. The students got into the festive spirit by wearing their Christmas hats, pulling crackers and singing Christmas songs. In the afternoon students attended the Christmas lecture where Mr Chapman completed a range of experiments which included The screaming jelly baby The oscillating clock A custard factory fire A potassium dichromate volcano The students who attended thoroughly enjoyed the...

Primary STEM Workshop

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On Friday 13th December students from Trevithick Learning Academy came to Nexus to complete a workshop on the solar system The inflatable planetarium The students made planets out of salt dough and put them in the correct order of the solar system. The children got into groups to learn about how the earth rotates and the fact it can be day and night at the same time at different points on earth. The students used a torch as the sun and they stuck two sticky notes with a picture of a stick man on the globe. One at the top and one at the bottom. They would spin the globe and shine the torch at the same time to visually see the difference. The students then went into the inflatable planetarium where they could see all the planets around them and Mrs Gourley explained the different properties of each planet and different interesting facts. As the children came out they said “ That was so...

Bronze Crest Award

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The Bronze Crest Award introduces students to project work empowering them to work like real scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians. Students choose their own topic and methodologies, giving them complete freedom over their work. Students work independently or in groups to plan and run a project addressing a real-world STEM problem.  We have a group of students at the moment enrolled on the Bronze Crest Award on a Wednesday afterschool with Ms Hall. The students are currently in the making stage of their project. The students are completing a variety of STEM based projects which include edible bath bombs, designing and creating their own fizzy drinks and investigating medical conditions. One student in particular has completed additional work in his own time to create this car. He is looking at how increasing the aerodynamics of the outer body can increase the...

Cornish Schools Maths Olympiad at Nexus – February 2020

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Nexus and CSIA are excited to announce the date of the second Cornish Schools Maths Olympiad – Primary. This event is for Year 5 and 6 pupils and will be held at Nexus on Wednesday 12th February 2020. The event is a one day celebration of Mathematics and will include workshops, talks and an exciting competition.  The aim of the Olympiad is to provide a competitive and exciting environment for the young mathematicians of Cornwall to share their love of the subject.  The competition itself will take place in the afternoon having been preceded by talks by Nexus’ passionate and enthusiastic team and workshops run by some of CSIA’s fantastic Mathematics department. Here are some of the highlights from last year’s event: Learning about cyphers and code breaking with Alison Eves from the Royal Institute. Students hard at work in the competition. The winners receive their...

Semester 2 co-curricular Nexus

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Students have started their second semester of activities at Nexus. The students are enrolled in a nine – week block of activities. Some of the co – curricular activities from Semester 1 have continued and the students are in the process of completing their projects. Here is the overview of activities on offer for Semester 2. Engineering Club on a Wednesday afterschool with Ms Ward Student completing research on the Ipads Robotics Club A Year 7 student programming her creation in Robotics...

James Scourse – Antarctica: the front line in climate change

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James Scourse attended Nexus and CSMS on Monday 2nd December to deliver a lecture to our students on Antarctica and climate change. James is currently investigating the impact of physical disturbances arising from climate-warming induced deglaciation on benthic communities around the West Antarctic Peninsula. James is due to go on the RRS James Clarke Ross ship on the 29th December 2019 to continue with his investigation. The students were all engaged in the lecture and asked some really interesting questions. James showed a variety of images to show the impact of global warming and climate change in Antarctica.  We would like to thank James for attending our school to deliver this fascinating...

The RSC’s The Taming of the Shrew Screening – The RSC offers a fresh perspective on this controversial play to our students

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Nexus Students as part of the workshop Nexus students from Year 9 and 10 attended a very special screening of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of The Taming of the Shrew. With access to exclusive behind the stage footage and interviews with the main characters and director, the students were able to witness a Shakespeare play come alive on the stage. Students getting ready for the showing In this production, the RSC turns Shakespeare’s fierce, energetic comedy of gender and materialism on its head but making this society a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy. This version of the play explores a world in which women ruled and men submitted to authority. This provides a fresh perspective on its portrayal of hierarchy and power. Students in the workshop In addition to the screening, our students were invited to attend a workshop in which the themes of the play were explored and...

Semester 1 co-curricular

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This academic year has seen a significant change in the co – curricular programme at Nexus. Students are enrolling on a nine week block four times a year, which is run in line with the semesters at school. For semester 1 on a Monday the students have began their comprehensive development programme. Students have participated in a series of Lectures by the Seal Sanctuary and Professor Paul Russell. In addition the students have either started their 10 week block on First Aid or their Enquiries Based Project where they are learning about the research model as well undertaking their own research under the theme of ‘Mission to Mars’. Students in an academic lecture On a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there are a variety of activities for the students to sign up to. These range from Strategic Chess League in Association with Cornwall Chess, to Camborne Theatre Company in partnership with...

Nexus Open Evening 2019

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Arrangements for Thursday 5th September

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We will be updating our website and Facebook daily with where Nexus students need to be dropped off and picked up this week. All years are due in school on Thursday 5th September. Nexus 7 and 8: Arrive at the NEXUS CAMPUS between 8am and 8:20am. The day will end at 4:45pm at the Nexus campus. Nexus 9, 10 and 11: Arrive at the MAIN CAMPUS between 8am and 8:20am. You will be transported to Nexus at 10:30am from the VI FORM CENTRE. The day will end at 4:45pm at the Nexus campus. Year 12 and 13: Arrive at the MAIN CAMPUS between 8am and 8:20am. You will be transported to Nexus (depending on your timetable) at 10:15am from the VI Form Centre.

Arrangements for Wednesday 4th September

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We hope everyone has had an excellent summer holiday and is looking forward to getting back to school next week. We will be updating our website and Facebook daily with where Nexus students need to be dropped off and picked up. The first day back for Year 7, 9, 11 and 12 is Wednesday 4th September. Nexus 7: Arrive at the NEXUS CAMPUS between 8am and 8:20am. The day will end at 4:45pm at the Nexus campus. Nexus 9 and 11: Arrive at the MAIN CAMPUS between 8am and 8:20am. You will be transported to Nexus at 2:45pm. The day will end at 4:45pm at the Nexus campus. Year 12 will be attending their induction day at Stithians, please be at the VI Form centre for 8am.

Cultural visit to our Capital

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By Aaron Mitchell and Mia Salter Over 30 Nexus students took part in a trip to our capital city in July. The aim of the tour was to take in the sights of the city, visit some of London’s most significant museums, experience the theatre of the West End and develop an understanding of our democratic system through a tour and workshop at The Houses of Parliament. Students from Years 7-9 made the journey to London and enjoyed a wide range of activities and enjoyed 3 full days of fun. The London Eye The students enjoyed dinner out in The Big Smoke before walking to the London Eye to take in the views of the wonderful London skyline. Nexus students enjoyed the London Eye The Houses of Parliament This was the highlight and the primary focus of the trip and described by one student as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. Students were invited to take a tour of The Houses of Parliament, which...

Nexus to launch UKMT mentoring

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Starting in September, Nexus students will be offered mentoring in Mathematical problems solving by Nexus’ UKMT mentor Mr Rees. The mentoring scheme provides sets of challenging and engaging problems each month to help young people develop their problem solving skill and is open to students in Years 7, 8 and 9. The programme lasts throughout the year with new challenges each month and is open to any student who is keen to improve their problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills. Each month students will receive a sheet containing a range of maths problems tackling as many of the problems as they can over the course of the following three weeks, consulting with their mentor as they wish for advice and hints. At the end of the three weeks students will submit their written answers and will meet in a group with their mentor to discuss strategies and learned skills. The aims of this...

Nexus sweeps the board with three awards at Greenpower

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Yesterday a team of 10 Nexus students from Years 7 to 9 travelled to Predannack airfield near Mullion to compete in the Greenpower Regional Heats. Taking their electric car “Nexus One” out onto the track for the very first time against schools from all over the South West region, our team exceeded the high expectations we all had of them. The Nexus team were taking part in the F24 Kit Car category for 11-16 year olds, all driving cars made from a ‘rolling-chassis’ kit. They would be driving at the same time as the F24 Scratch cars (built from scratch including the chassis) but not competing directly against them. The day started early, leaving Nexus at 7am to arrive at Predannack in time to unload and prepare the car for a rigorous scrutineering which checked every aspect of the vehicle and drivers for safety. A team briefing followed where the racing and track rules were laid out for...