Term Draws to a Close With A Flourish At Nexus

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The last day of term is tomorrow, Wednesday 19th December, and all students will be on main campus for activities with their Tutor groups. What a term it’s been! Well done in particular to all our Nexus 7 students, who, alongside settling into their new school this term, performed so brilliantly in the Showcase last week. As promised, here are some pictures of our brilliant students and also pictures of our Nexus Prizewinners. Have a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing New Year, with best wishes from all the staff and students at Nexus. 7PPE Award Winners 7STEM Award Winners 8STEM Award Winners 9STEM Award Winners...

Nexus Students Receive Awards to Celebrate Success this Term

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Last night we celebrated the successes of our Nexus students by awarding our prestigious Academic, Values and Star awards to deserving members of each year group. Official photos will be released soon. Nexus Academic Awards This award is based on academic performance this term. Students in receipt of this award make the most of their talents, working hard and always doing their best. Award Winners: Nexus 10: Joe Lessiter Nexus 9: James Belshaw Nexus 8: Ben McGuire Nexus 7 PPE: Josie Welch Nexus 7 STEM: Isabel Danson Nexus Values Awards These students consistently show the Nexus Values in all that they do; expecting the best of themselves, taking responsibility for their own actions; being proactive in their learning; being productive and persisting when things are difficult. Award Winners: Nexus 10: Erin Williams Nexus 9: George Bolt Nexus 8: Ruby McAlpine Nexus 7 PPE: Jacob Necke...

Nexus Year 7 Showcase a Huge Success

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The annual Nexus 7 Christmas Showcase was a rip-roaring success last night with students from both the PPE and STEM Programmes coming together to present some of the amazing things they have learnt about this year. We had presentations on topics as diverse as the Nexus Greenpower car to the unpredictability of earthquakes from Nexus STEM students while the Nexus PPE students presented on topics such as the poetry of World War One and the importance of stories to the development of human culture. The students have worked exceptionally hard this term: settling into a new school, making new friends, finding their way around two campuses, and getting to grips with secondary school subjects. On top of this they have thrown themselves into the Nexus Co-curricular programme with activities ranging from Mandarin to 3D Printing, and from Drone Programming to Bookworms (our reading club). The...

A Christmas Carol For Nexus PPE

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Nexus PPE students had the exciting opportunity to watch a live screening of A Christmas Carol as part of their English study on viewpoint in Dickens’ writing.  Based on Charles Dickens’ own performance adaptation, Simon Callow and director Tom Cairns created a one-man theatrical extravaganza of festive storytelling. It was both heartwarming and deeply moving. The students also heard a fascinating Q&A session with Dame Rosemary Squire DBE, and Hall For Cornwall’s CEO & Creative Director, Julien Boast in which the messages and themes of the novel were discussed. It was clear that Dickens’ special message still resonates today; that if we can be kind to each other at Christmas we should be kind to each other all the time. It also speaks to us of the importance of Christmas not just for having fun, but thinking of others. In the words of Tiny Tim “A Merry Christmas to us...

Nexus Students Learn About Disaster Relief Efforts

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Nexus and CSMS students were given an inspirational lecture today by Tom Henderson, an expert in disaster relief with decades of experience in zones of natural and man-made disaster. Our students gained an insight into how living conditions for the displaced population can change radically from the initial post-crisis phase to the long term redevelopment phase. Mr Henderson explained how aid agencies work to establish emergency shelters for people caught in disaster zones before moving through a number of development stages using natural resources to build transitional shelters before national infrastructure can be rebuilt. The lecture was a fascinating insight into disaster relief efforts and we are very grateful to Tom for giving up his time today.  

Christmas Chemical Mix-Up at Super Saturday!

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It was a Super Saturday at Nexus today, with a classful of Year 5 students enjoying a Chemistry workshop. A naughty elf had mixed up Mrs Claus’ cookie mixes and the children had to sort them out, as Santa can’t leave on Christmas Eve without first having his special Christmas biscuits. The investigation involved firstly achieving the coveted Bunsen burner licence, then testing five different white powders using flame tests, iodine, Benedicts’ solution and acetic acid.   At break time, lots of the children enjoyed a game of chess in the dining room at Nexus. Well done to all the groups, who worked out which was Mrs Claus’s real cookie mix. Christmas is...

Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust Delivers A Sensational Workshop At Nexus

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Today Sue Sayer from the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust came to talk to Nexus 8 about the work that goes into conserving and protecting Cornwall’s marine mammals. The CSGRT are an evidenced based charity who work to help survey and protect seals in their natural environment in Cornwall’s waters. Sue’s workshop was engaging and inspired our students to think about how they can help to protect these important and rare animals. We are really looking forward to working closely with the charity in the future to help safeguard the seal population in...

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

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It’s beginning to feel Christmassy at Nexus. The Christmas trees and decorations are up in the OGS building and the Lower School building and the CSMS students are setting up the annual Chemis-tree. Even the 3D printed dinosaur is feeling festive. The CSIA Carol Concert is this week and Year 7 are working hard at perfecting their singing voices ready for the event. The annual Nexus Showcase Evening is on the 12th December and rehearsals are hotting up for Nexus 7. If you are a parent of a Nexus 7 student make sure you return the letter requesting tickets asap to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget that Wednesday 19th December is the last day of term and all students are spending the day on the main campus. There will be no co-curricular activities and the day will end at 12:25pm. Our last Nexus co-curricular day will be Tuesday 18th December and we are already planning a...

Nexus Gets Its Own Seismometer As Part Of The Raspberry Shake Project

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The Geography, Nexus and CSMS teams were thrilled to host the launch of our Raspberry Shake seismometer this week with Lucy Cotton from United Downs Deep Geothermal Power (UDDGP) project and Professor Iain Stewart, UNESCO Chair in Geoscience and Society, and Professor of Geoscience Communication at Plymouth University. The launch included a lecture given by Professor Iain Stewart on the ‘Science of Earthquakes’ and an overview of UDDGP from the Project Geologist Lucy Cotton. Students were fascinated to hear world renowned geographer, Professor Stewart, talk about the global issues that surround plate tectonics.  Harry J, Year 10, stated that “It was a brilliant lecture that highlighted elements of seismography that I will access at A-Level and beyond”.  Isla R and Nell C.R said that they were really interested to learn about the fault lines that cross Cornwall and how they are being...

Cornish Marine Mammals – More Than Meets The Eye?

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Students at Nexus and CSMS were treated to a hands-on marine biology workshop this week by Miss Jade Aldridge, a graduate in Marine Biology from Plymouth University and currently a teacher at CSIA. Jade’s workshop gave students the chance to explore some of the impressive adaptations that we can find in marine organisms off the Cornish coast and to consider how these adaptations enable the creatures to survive and thrive in the environmental conditions. Student’s also learnt about the role of a Marine Biologist and discovered how important it is to raise awareness in the general public to the threats faced by these rare mammals. Giving our students the chance to put their learning into real life contexts is a fundamental aspect of the way we teach our students at Nexus. This approach gives students the opportunity to explore wider issues around the curriculum and to experience some of...

Calling all Aspiring Lawyers

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Nexus will be bringing in the New Year with the launch of an exciting new co-curricular club for those students with a fervour for the legal world.  We will gather a keen and talented legal team of students and enter The Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial Competition. The trial itself will take place in March 2019. Our aspiring lawyer, barristers and judges will take on the various roles in a trial and try a case against another school with the assistance of real life magistrates, legal advisers, court staff and other legal professionals. The Competition will introduce the legal system in an engaging way that will have a lasting impact on all those involved. This is an exciting opportunity for those considering a career in law and those keen to understand more about our justice system. More details to be announced soon!

Shake, Rattle and Slide with Professor Alan Champneys

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Nexus and CSMS were delighted to host a fascinating lecture on the importance of Mathematics in the field of Engineering this week. Professor Champneys visited from Bristol university’s faculty of Engineering Mathematics where he lectures on everything from engineering applications on aircraft and structural dynamics, power electronics and fluid-structure interaction. The talk was based around the understanding of how complicated dynamics (e.g. chaos) in physical systems governed by ordinary or partial differential equations can be used to model some very interesting real-life engineering problems such as why does a tennis ball bounce so high when dropped touching a basketball? Professor Champneys also spoke about the importance of mathematical modelling in industry and how he works with some of the world’s leading engineering and design companies on complex but crucial problems....

Nexus takes delivery of CAD PCs

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We were delighted today to take delivery of two specialist computers which are designed to carry out complex 3D computer aided design tasks. These new machines will allow students to use much more powerful design software to model their ideas before using the Nexus 3D printer to bring their designs to life. The PCs have been funded by Cornwall Manufacturers Group as part of the STEM discovery initiative.

Bookworms get cracking on the KYBA shortlist

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The Bookworms co-curricular club have found themselves deeply immersed in the world of literature as they begin working their way through the KYBA shortlist of books. KYBA (Kernow Youth Book Awards) celebrates the best of children’s literature. Six books, covering a range of genres and themes, are selected and students read and discuss the titles. At the moment we are reading The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford and the students have been impressed by the narrative shifts and the commentary on the nature of mortality. Once we have devoured all six books, the students will then vote on their favourite. We are very much looking forward to the Awards Ceremony at the Eden Project in May; shortlisted authors attend and inspire the audience with wit, anecdotes and an insight into the writer’s craft. Until then, shhhh, we’re...

Fascinating Lecture by Professor Ian Roberts

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This week, were privileged to welcome Professor Ian Roberts (Professor of Linguistics) from the University of Cambridge.  His lecture on ‘How to Build a Language’ enthralled students from Year 7 to VIth Form.  The lecture explored the vast range and diversity of languages in the world, looking at the most widely spoken languages, to those spoken by only a few hundred people in the Amazon.  Professor Roberts’s unique insight and personal connection to many of the languages studied gave students added to student’s interest. A speaker of at least 5 languages himself, Professor Roberts explained the differences in sentence structure in languages around the world – for example, in the Nias language ‘My mother cooked the rice’ would translate in English as ‘cooked rice mother’.  Students were intrigued by how many different ways the same...

Oxbridge Juniors Meet For A Cambridge Tea

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This afternoon our Oxbridge Juniors met Jess Lister, a member of the Admissions team at Downing College in the University of Cambridge for tea and cakes. Jess answered their questions about Oxbridge and university more widely. The students had excellent questions, from what makes Oxbridge different from other ‘Russell Group’ universities to the costs and finances of student life. There were a number of other intriguing questions such as whether Harry Potter was filmed at Cambridge to where the name Cambridge comes from. We would like to thank Jess for the insight she gave our Oxbridge Juniors into studying at a prestigious institution such as Cambridge. As our students progress through the Nexus and CSMS programmes we will be supporting them to gain the skills and experiences necessary to be in the strongest possible position in their aspirations to apply to the best...

Nexus 9 And 10 Learn About Oxbridge

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Today we were delighted to host Jess Lister, a member of the Admissions team from Downing College at the University of Cambridge. Jess came to talk to our Y9 and Y10 students about applying to university and shared some of the hallmarks that makes Oxbridge, and other Russell group universities, stand out from many of the 130 Higher Education institutions in the UK. Our students had a lot of questions which Jess answered as well as busting some myths about the University of Cambridge. As our students move through Y11 and into VI Form we will ensure that they are fully supported in their aspirations to join the best courses at the best universities in the world.

Wet Break At Nexus Filled With Amazing Things

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When the poor weather hits, Nexus students have no trouble finding things to do inside. Students took the extra indoor time to read, hone their music skills, play chess, draw, solve cryptograms and examine a 3D printed moon, amongst other things.

Cornish Schools Maths Olympiad at Nexus

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Nexus and CSIA are excited to announce the launch of the Cornish Schools Maths Olympiad. This event is for Year 5 and 6 pupils and will be held at Nexus on Friday 25th January 2019. The event is a one day celebration of Mathematics and will include workshops, talks and an exciting competition.  The aim of the Olympiad is to provide a competitive and exciting environment for the young mathematicians of Cornwall to share their love of the subject.  The competition itself will take place in the afternoon having been preceded by talks by Nexus’ passionate and enthusiastic team and workshops run by some of CSIA’s fantastic Mathematics department. Here’s an example of the sort of question the children will be solving. The Olympiad offers an opportunity for those young Mathematicians with a passion for challenge and discovery to take on teams from across the county in competitive...

Second CSMS Grade 9 Maths Enhancement Seminar Huge Success

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Last week CSMS played host to the second Grade 9 Maths Enhancement Seminar for the Cornwall Scholars’ Community. Students from across Cornwall who are aiming for a Grade 9 in their Maths GCSEs came together to tackle the most difficult Maths content in the GCSE. Mr Cable ran the workshop which was well attended with students from CSIA and other secondary schools. If you would like more details on how to join the CSMS Scholars’ Community please email

Medicine Applicants Prepare For Medical School Interviews

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On Friday we were delighted to host Lizzie Alexander, a fourth year medical student from the University of Exeter, who delivered an interactive workshop for our medical applicants. Lizzie put the students through their paces as they tackled a series of fast paced interviews which represented the type of interviews used at many medical schools across the UK, referred to as Mini Multiple Interviews (MMIs). MMIs are a gruelling 2 hours of short, intensive interviews where students rotate between interviewers who are looking for specific skills or asking challenging questions. Lizzie’s circuit included a role-play scenario and an ethical debate about the future of the NHS. The students gained invaluable experience which will stand them in good stead when they go to face their own MMIs. We would like to thank Lizzie for giving up her time to organise and run such an inspiring...

Minister of State for School Standards declares Nexus and CSMS “wonderful”

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News of the amazing success and positive impact of the Gifted Programmes at the Nexus campus has reached Parliament; last week we were delighted accommodate a request to visit from the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, the Minister of State for School Standards at the Department for Education. Nick travelled down from London especially to visit Nexus and CSMS to learn about the phenomenal things our students are doing and to see what lessons could be learnt from the approaches we are using to get the best from able learners. Nick was accompanied by George Eustice, the Member of Parliament for Camborne and Redruth. Nick and George were given a tour of the campus by Dr Foster, Mr Kenworthy and Mr Chapman and our visitors took a great interest learning how the Nexus programme is providing our students with a world class education. After lunch, both MPs were given the chance to meet several of our...

University of Cambridge coming to Nexus

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Nexus and CSMS have close links with the University of Cambridge, hosting lectures and academic mentoring from some of their most eminent Professors. The students also take part in a visits programme to the University, taking in the sights, sounds and environment of the University so that they feel confident in making an application to Oxbridge in the future. Next week we will be inviting students to join ‘Oxbridge Juniors’; an opportunity for students from Year 7 – 11 who are considering Oxbridge to deepen their understanding of what is required for Oxbridge and develop their skills so that their future application is more likely to be successful. As part of our ‘Oxbridge Juniors’ programme, we’re pleased to be able to confirm that Jess Lister from the University of Cambridge will be coming to Nexus on 12th November to meet with the Y7 and 8...

New Escape Room co-curricular activity is hugely popular!

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This week the new co-curricular activity for this half term begins. We have a variety of awesome new activities on offer – and the one that is proving the most popular is our new Escape Room. Students are working in teams to devise a series of fiendish and cunning puzzles to populate the Nexus Escape Room, which will be situated in the CSMS building. The first prototype has already been produced; a 3D printed Cryptex. Crack the code and you can retrieve the contents of the cylinder. We’ll have to make the next one a bit harder though; predictably a pair of Nexus students cracked the code of this one in under twenty minutes! Well done James P and Henry...

Josie’s design rolls off the press!

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Our 3D printer has been busy with designs that the students have produced themselves using Tinkercad software. Nexus 7 student Josie made her own design and it was printed on Friday. Josie used an image of Simon’s Cat which was converted to a format which could be imported into Tinkercad and incorporated into her finished model. A very useful technique to learn and what an amazing result for a first go! Well done Josie!